Customer Success Manager

POSTED Aug 28th

Waterloo, Ontario


We’re looking to bring on our first dedicated Customer Success Manager. You will be working very closely with our CEO and customer support to increase our customer happiness.

There is a lot that comes with the role and someone who is really good at juggling multiple things, building genuine relationships, and is a quick learner will thrive.

If you’re looking for challenges to grow or you have entrepreneurial dreams, this is an excellent role for you to get exposure to working with decision makers in the C-suite, VPs, and Directors.

Here is what a typical month will look like for you:

  • Meet with sales managers to renew their existing contracts
  • Figure out creative ways to expand usage into a customer’s organization
  • Monitor at-risk accounts and proactively work with them to prevent churn
  • Put in-place systems to reactivate inactive customers
  • Do regular check-ins with our top customers
  • Make personalized success plans and strategies every quarter for each customer
  • Work with Engineering to roll out a new feature and gather feedback
  • Onboard users in new and existing accounts
  • Jump in and help out with support tickets in your down time or for urgent matters

We want you to regularly take on new challenges so you can grow and take ownership in as many parts of the business as possible.


This role comes with a lot of autonomy. You will perform best in this role if you have a year or more of doing something similar. Prior experience at a SaaS company really helps as well.

You’ll need to be someone who is on top of things weeks and months in advance to excel at this role. You must also be natural at hitting it off with people, so we can build lasting relationships that extend beyond quarterly and annual reviews.

You will constantly be in new situations that none of us have seen before. You will succeed by quickly adapting and by being a self-learner. You must have past experience that shows you are a quick learner and can solve challenges creatively.

We heavily use Salesforce, Mixpanel and SQL. Any experience with these technologies or similar technologies is great.


We started in 2014 with three founders. We are currently a hybrid-remote team of 12 people that is spread over 6 different cities worldwide.

We’re fully independent and bootstrapped with $0 raised from VCs or investors. We did this so we can focus on the two things that matter the most: our customers and our team.

We don’t work weekends or crazy hours and don’t expect you to do so either. We work calmly and focus on quality instead of being in an endless pursuit of higher growth numbers.

We are not doing this to become a “unicorn” nor do we focus ourselves on an “exit strategy”. We want to build an excellent product that we are proud of while providing the best customer experience.


The salary range for this role is $70,000 - $90,000 Canadian dollars. The exact salary takes into consideration your ability, past experience, and location.

You can choose to work from our Kitchener-Waterloo office, entirely remote (any country), or a blend of both. You are encouraged to work where you perform best.

We believe that you should have good equipment to do your work and we give a laptop of your choice once you’re up and running.

We give ample time off. Everyone gets 4 weeks paid-time-off. Additionally, we work four-day workweeks every July and August. We also offer a generous vacation allowance.

If you are authorized to work in Canada, we will also give you health benefits under our company HSA. If you decide to work from the office, you will also get daily catered lunches.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would love to hear from you!

We usually get hundreds of job applicants and we read through every single one of them. However we highly recommend applying with a good cover letter if you would like to stand out.

Within two weeks of applying, you will hear from us if you’ve made it to the next stage which will be a quick culture screening. 

You will then have an hour long call with the team. After that, you will proceed to the final stage of interviews which will be specific to the role and then to the offer.