Penetration Tester

POSTED May 5th


We are looking for a Remote Penetration Tester to join our newly founded Cyber Security Testing team and work on performing security testing of applications, networks and infrastructures, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.


- Performing penetration testing and application assessments to our clients.
- Designing and performing realistic Red team activities for our clients.


- Proven experience in the offensive cyber security for at least 5 years. Red team experience is a plus
- Demonstrated real world experience performing Black box penetration testing
- Have an understanding of and interest in common web application vulnerabilities like SQLI, XSS, CSRF, command injection etc.
- Must be proficient in several of the following: PowerShell Empire, Metasploit, Framework, Cobalt Strike, Burp suite, IPTables, Sysinternals, A/V evasion methodologies, Exploit Dev
- Must have solid working experience and knowledge of Windows operating system (incl. Active directory), and Linux operating system. Mobile operating systems are an advantage.
- Solid understanding of networking, TCP/IP and virtualization architecture.
- Strong familiarity with some of the following: OWASP, 10 and penetration testing standards.
- Knowledge of exploitation concepts including phishing and social engineering tactics, Fuzzing, MiTM, open source exfiltration techniques
- Scripting capabilities (Windows/Linux) is a plus.


- Competitive salary
- Remote work and high flexibility
- Occasional traveling with all covered expenses