Sourcing Operations Associate | programming knowledge required.

POSTED Jun 16th

Code For Cash, Inc
New York, NY

Code For Cash recruits software developers in ways that are high-integrity, non-intrusive and mutually profitable, and we are hiring a sourcing operations associate.  In plain English, this means we need someone to find great potential employees for our clients, even if they’re not on the job market.

We need someone who's smart and thinks critically.  We need someone who is punctual and reliable, who gets things done but also has the courage to challenge and improve our processes if they think there is a better way.  We need someone who is hungry for success but has the personal boundaries and self-discipline to lead a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling life. Culturally, it's essential that you have some professional programming experience, either full-time or as a freelancer.  Other than that, there are no rules, and we hope to welcome you into our eclectic culture.


This is a remote job.  You are expected to be available for at least four hours between 10am and 6pm USA Eastern Time.  You must have authorization to work with a USA company but may be located anywhere in the world.


  • Native-level English fluency and flawless grammar (it's okay if you're aided by Grammarly, as long as you're consistent in using it!)

  • HTML and CSS knowledge, comfortable adapting responsive templates

  • Power use of web software (i.e. you know the hotkeys for many apps; you are comfortable using Zapier in complex ways if necessary)

  • Experience with Git and GitHub


Negotiable, depending on experience.  Equity after standard one-year cliff. Additional equity awards for work that impacts the business at a unit economics level.

Will I belong?

  • Our backgrounds are extraordinarily different; we are united by our love of technology and our desire for independence and freedom.  

  • We’re winners.  Are you as well?

  • We like to work quickly.  Can you keep up?

  • Check out our vibe at

What’s the impact the company has on the world?  

  • For candidates, we're making it a lot easier to find a great job in tech.

  • For employers, we're making the process of adding a new employee more seamless.

What colleagues am I going to be interacting with day to day, and who benefits from my work?

You're primarily going to be interacting with the client-facing Account Executives. e.g., Zack (  

What are the growth and learning opportunities for everyone in the company?

  • Paid training: increase your technical and marketing skills.

  • Book club. We will buy you any book you want as long as you summarize your findings into a blog post.

  • As many online courses as you want, as long as you share your learning with the team and apply them in your day to day work.

  • People are always encouraged to increase their responsibilities as long as their existing responsibilities are well cared for.

What’s work of this position like day to day?

  • Keep your Account Exec in the loop with your progress with 2x daily updates, at the start of the day and at the end of the day.

  • Going through Craigslist, Indeed, GitHub, LinkedIn and searching for professionals that match our clients’ criteria.

  • Leverage browser extensions and programming to partially automate all aspects of your work, with the goal of gradually creating end-to-end automation.

  • Update our Operations Associate handbook constantly as we are reassembling the airplane in the air.

  • Building landing pages that properly describe our roles.

  • Launching advertising campaigns to target our candidates.

What am I going to be doing in 6 months?

  • If you are enjoying your position and want work-life balance, you are encouraged to stay in it.

  • If you are ambitious and would like a promotion, you are expected to increasingly automate all aspects of your work and then hire someone to delegate your work to.  Within 6 months, you could be managing an entire team.

What specific skills and values are you looking for? What will candidates be evaluated on?

  • Do we get along with you personally: do we enjoy our interactions and do they leave us feeling energized?

  • Are you motivated to do the work, even if outside your job description?

  • Are you professional and reliable in that you show up to meetings prepared?

  • Does your application demonstrate attention to detail and thoughtfulness?


Negotiable, depending on experience. Equity after standard one-year cliff. Additional equity awards for work that impacts the business at a unit economics level.

How to apply

You'll need a clean, pdf format version of your resume.  Then, take that pdf and convert it into HTML and CSS...nothing fancy, but make the page look exactly like the pdf.  Send an email with your resume in pdf format and a link to the live webpage version. We promise to respond to everyone who applies within these parameters!  

The interview process

  1. Apply according to the instructions

  2. 10 minute video meeting with Zack, the Account Exec

  3. 10 minute meeting with two other colleagues

  4. We'll extend you a contract offer with DocuSign and set you up with Gusto payroll

  5. Anyone who overdelivers in the first week is going to be offered continued employment