UberGeek - Part time code reviewer with Geektastic

POSTED Jun 16th

Rick Brownlow
London, UK

Fancy earning extra cash in your spare time reviewing code, from any location?
At Geektastic we're paying £50 per hour to top software engineers to help us carry out code reviews.
We are looking for highly talented Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, Ruby, MySQL, CSS/HTML, iOS and Android developers
We pay you £25 for each code challenge you review (30 minutes review time). 
Please read some comments made by our reviewers on Quora here 
We pay you via Transferwise or Payoneer at the end of the month (unless you are in the UK, in which case we bank via bank transfer). 
To become part of the team you just need to register with us at Geektastic and take our qualifying code challenge. This is reviewed by our our expert team (we need to know how great you are :))
Once you are part of the distributed team you will then be notified on our Slack channel when a new challenge is ready to be reviewed.
Feel free to email or register at Geektastic if you have any questions