B2B Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content, Marketing Strategy- US Remote Based

POSTED Apr 3rd

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Boulder, CO

B2B Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content, Marketing Strategy- US Remote Based

Hello, thank you for checking out our post. This is a part time and contract position and totally remote work. You must be a morning person, meetings can start at 6:30am in your time zone and you must have a Mac.

We will be starting this work together by May 1st, with some training in April maybe 20 hours. We are currently building out our nationwide network of sales and biz dev professionals and a startup in growth mode.

A bit about me:

I live a mindful life and have a strong commitment to my spiritual practices and inner work. I consciously co-parent two teenage boys and practice yoga or workout daily. I believe in family, authentic relating, evolved economics, finding one's unique path, being grounded, abundance and flow. I am an entrepreneur, salesperson and visionary. Here is my LinkedIn profile:

A bit about you:

You first and foremost are doing your inner work. You have a similar lifestyle and our values align. Work experience includes lead generation, email marketing, online marketing, content writing, strategic marketing and messaging. You thrive off of creating campaigns and measuring your results. You are creative and systems driven. You have excellent oral and written communication skills. You are also experienced with LinkedIn and have a powerful LinkedIn profile.

We have a basic lead generation foundation and have had some wins. We need lots more. You will lead the next level of our building these up. You own a Macbook in good working order, as all of our systems are Mac. We are looking for someone that has worked for a software development company or worked in software like with a SaaS product. Must have demonstrable B2B lead generation experience. Also any startup or entrepreneurial ventures a big plus.

Your Role:

We have clients that want us to sell lots of software development for them in the US. Your focus is to make us better at doing that by helping our clients that need this support from us to generate more leads. This is about 30 hrs a week and could become full-time if you prefer. Our clients are currently doing cold emails, targeted emails, LinkedIn and content creation. You are going to make us better.

The main responsibility will be to own our lead generation system and outcomes network wide. 
Some tasks are to work directly with about 3 clients on their lead gen. Also to define target lists, manage list generators in other countries, emails, creating reports for our clients and any other tasks for lead generation systems support, research and implementation. We work in multiple CRMS, like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho and Highrise with our clients. Your core skills are lead generating, hunting and engagement. If you have other marketing skills in social, PPC, Adwords, SEO, etc all the better.

Your Compensation:

You will be paid on a 1099 and get paid $50/hr based on the number of clients you work with. You will be paid on a base of $6000/mo for 30 hours per week and $8000/mo if you work 40 hrs per week. We will start at 30 hrs and then see how it goes. Your compensation is tied directly to your clients. We will start with three.

Our Company:

The primary offering is to sell custom web and mobile software development to US customers for offshore and nearshore software development companies. Our clients whom we vet and select pay us commission on closed deals and pay monthly fees for lead generation services. Our clients hire us to be a US Based sales and marketing office. We have remote Account Managers who work with our clients in this capacity. Each person works with about 5 or 6 clients.

We are building a network of what we call Pods. Each Pod has an Account Manager, 5 to 6 clients and about 5 list generators. We currently have three Pods.

Our focus is to recruit biz dev and sales professionals to run more Pods. They are independent contractors working fulltime in this franchise light model. We provide these owners with their initial clients and all of the systems and training to run their businesses. You will be building up our expertise and success in our lead generation system. The same way a franchisor has a company store to create processes to then train to the network. You will develop our lead generation enhancements. We plan to expand from 3 pods to about 7 this year and handle about 45 clients.

As of now we are working with about 20 companies in India, Eastern/Central Europe and LatAm. We sell all major technology stacks, RoR, Python, Java, PHP, .NET and mobile. We also sell into almost every vertical including gaming.

We have a substantial database of Indian companies, European and Latin American software development companies. We have the deck, contract, experience, success stories, the credibility and the market knowledge. 

Even though you are a part time contractor, you are still part of our team. We care about who you are as a person first and then we will look at what you have done professionally.

We need a reliable, trustworthy and creative person to support our efforts so we can keep growing our business.

If you are interested please answer the following questions and we will only reply to you if these are sent.

1. Who are you?
2. Why do you want to pursue this opportunity?
3. Why are you an ideal match for this role?
4. Please provide feedback on this ad.
5. What is alive in your world right now?

6. What do you think would be your biggest challenge in this role?

Please send your Linkedin and any CV or resume you may have.

Namaste and have a great day.

In gratitude, bt