Sponsorship Sales Executive ($70k-$230K+)

POSTED Nov 1st



Are you someone who’s hungry and wants to lead a sales team someday?

Someone who wants to earn what they’re worth and take a share in the profits?

Are you a person who wants to help us build a 9-figure media company and be rewarded for the growth of the company we will experience along the way?

We are looking for a founding member of our team, so if your answers to the questions above are “yes!”, then read on…

What Is LTV Spot?

LTV Spot is the fastest-growing eCommerce newsletter in the world that unpacks the tactics, insights and secrets behind exploding eCommerce brands, technologies & trends. Read by over 100.000 eCommerce Brand Owners, Operators & Agencies.

What do you get?

- 4 years of sales & startup experience in 1 year
- A high-volume outreach system that is running on autopilot so you can close multiple qualified leads per day.
- 10% of all the profits you generate from sales. We currently earn $4k per daily email from sponsors. At 30 emails/month, that's an earnings potential of $12,000/month. This will likely double or triple within 6 months at our current pace of growth.
- You learn and manage the full newsletter sales cycle from A to Z. 
Finding sponsors --> vetting --> negotiating --> closing --> supporting --> publishing 
- The ability to work fully remote

What do you give?

- Your time (sometimes even weekends & nights) to drive sales

Who is this for?

Experience helps, but what we are most interested in is intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn.

In any project - you can either be: 

a) The driver
b) Riding shotgun 
c) Backseat passenger
d) Or in the trunk (left in the dark, just along for the ride)

With us, you'll spend 50% of your time as a driver (hunting for innovative ways to grow revenue, closing & developing relationships with sponsors, creating content to improve sales) 

and 50% riding shotgun while we drive.

We are looking for an outsider, someone who knows they just need that one shot to grab the opportunity and run with it.

If you’re the type of person who wanders around the Internet constantly signing up for new tools, opting into email lists to understand their sales process & funnels, or booking “demo” calls with companies just because you’re curious, please stop what you're doing and complete the form below to apply right now:
Looking forward to speaking with you!

Founder LTV SPOT

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